Live a pioneering educational experience in Europe

Participate with your school in an educational experience to develop, evaluate and certificate students’ digital competence.

CRISS is an initiative funded by the European Union to implement the acquisition, evaluation and certification of digital competence in primary and secondary schools through a digital platform.

The benefits of participating in this educational experience are:

Easily integrate digital competence teaching in your classes

The flexibility of CRISS makes it easy to put digital competence teaching into practice, integrating it into your school’s curriculum regardless of organisational structure and syllabi.

CRISS is incorporated into the normal life of your classes, making the development, evaluation and certification of students’ digital competence a simple and easy process.


Science, Humanities, Language, Mathematics, Physical Education, Design, Music, Art, Languages, …

Certification for students and teachers

All participants in the experience will receive a certificate issued by the CRISS project consortium:

  • Teachers who complete the program will receive an certificate.
  • Students who complete the activities and reach the required level of competence will receive the corresponding certification.

Live the experience that will change the education world

Thanks to this opportunity, your school will be able to participate in a pioneering experience in Europe to develop, evaluate and certify the digital competence of students.

More than 360 schools and 2.700 teachers from all over Europe are already participating in this educational experience.

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