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Download certificates for students

Students can obtain digital competence certification by downloading a series of certificates issued by the CRISS consortium according to their degree of participation in the project. It is important to emphasize that these certificates are only available to students, since the teachers who successfully passed the MOOC course already had the opportunity to download the [...]

New free online course: Digital competence for teachers

The European Commission has established that digital competence is one of the eight key competencies that any youngster must acquire before finalizing the mandatory education. Today the first edition of the CRISS MOOC course is launched. With this course, any teacher will learn to work digital competence in the classroom. Access to the MOOC course [...]

October 29th, 2018|Digital skills, edtech, News|

Should we make our kids study during summer vacation?

We are approaching the summer holidays; a long period of rest in which both students and teachers abandon our usual routine, to return with renewed energies next year. But should summer vacation be a synonym of doing absolutely nothing? Or is it convenient to maintain a minimum study habit, so that the shock is not [...]

How can schools prevent cyberbullying in their classrooms?

Cyberbullying, or bullying carried out via online, is unfortunately a common situation in all kinds of schools, due to the proliferation of new technologies. The use of internet and mobile devices can become a very dangerous weapon of harassment and humiliation, if we do not educate our children correctly. In the fight against cyberbullying, the [...]

How to teach kids to identify fake news

One of the main digital competences we can teach kids nowadays, is how to adopt a critical view when reading news or articles via Internet. The proliferation of all kinds of news portals, and their redistribution via social media, has made it really difficult to distinguish between news, opinion articles, or just propagandist information. Acquiring [...]

April 18th, 2018|Digital skills, News|

CRISS holds workshops across Europe

Recently the CRISS project has taken an important step forward towards its development throughout Europe. In an opening series of workshops conducted in a wide variety of countries by CRISS partners. In these workshops, fundamental aspects of the project, such as aims and phases, were explained and reviewed.    In the report written by Fabrizio [...]

February 28th, 2018|Digital skills, edtech, News|

Meet Our Members (VIII): Roland Tomczak from DIGINEXT

We continue our “Meet Our Members” section with Roland Tomczak from DIGINEXT Could tell us a little bit about your organisation’s mission? DIGINEXT was created in 1996 with the ambition to invent, develop and offer innovative products blending both real and virtual worlds for critical operation Planning, Learning, Training, and Assistance. It is internationally recognized [...]

January 31st, 2018|Digital skills, edtech, News|

A new role for teachers?

Common wisdom holds that every profession will undergo profound changes due to technological changes exemplified by Internet, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Digitalization. Education is hardly exempt from this trend. Therefore the question must be asked: Will this trend mean a new role for professors as the century advances? If so, what will this new role [...]

January 24th, 2018|Digital skills, edtech, News|

Raising children’s self-esteem in class

When using the term self-esteem we will refer to the one coined by Denis Lawrence in his book Enhancing self-esteem in the classroom, 2006 —The development of the positive qualities of personal integrity, self-acceptance, respect for the needs of others, and the ability to empathize would comprise the ideal self in a civilized society—. Many [...]

January 17th, 2018|Digital skills, edtech|