A commitment to the teaching of the future

With CRISS you will implement the acquisition, evaluation and certification of your students’ digital competence, a requirement that will be indispensable in all European primary and secondary schools.

Why should you choose CRISS and not another educational experience?

For these 10 reasons:

  1. You will enhance the digital skills of your students by following the European Union standards.
  2. You will practice teaching digital competences with an avant-garde and easy-to-use tool.
  3. You will increase the visibility and reputation of your school.
  4. You will promote creativity and cooperation among students.
  5. The flexibility of CRISS will allow you to adapt it perfectly to the way you teach.
  6. Your school will be able to certify the digital competence of students who pass the programmed activities.
  7. Teachers who participate in the educational experience will receive an MOOC certificate.
  8. The school will be able to access up-to-date content and practical resources via the internet and the permanent connection to the cloud.
  9. There will be a support service (via chat and email) available for all teachers who participate in the educational experience that will give them support throughout the process.
  10. Your school will be ready for the future.

How did this new initiative come about?

In 2013, the European Commission declared digital competence as one of the eight key competences that any young person must acquire before completing compulsory education in order to enter the labour market without risk of exclusion.

Although a European framework for Digital Competence has been published (DigComp 2.1), most educational institutions have not applied it because there is no reference methodology with standards and indicators to facilitate the evaluation and accreditation of digital competence of students.

This is where this new educational experience comes into play.

CRISS and its commitment to the future

Digital competence is part of today’s society and it is well known that the labour market is increasingly demanding qualified workers with digital and technological skills.

CRISS is committed to empowering the skills of the 21st century in education, so that both teachers and students are prepared to face the future.

Thanks to your participation in this educational experience, we will test a technological platform that implements a methodological framework for the acquisition, evaluation and certification of digital competences, and that aspires to become a common reference in all educational institutions in Europe.

This way, students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge in the future, which will make it easier for them to enter university or the labour market. On the other hand, the educational institutions will be better prepared to offer the most innovative training possible to their students.

Accelerate the development of digital competences in your school with CRISS

Be part of an educational experience that will revolutionise the learning environment of digital competences alongside hundreds of primary and secondary schools across Europe.

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Are you a teacher? This will interest you

CRISS represents a unique opportunity to be part of a 21st century educational experience. By joining CRISS and participating in the project, you will be part of a European community formed by professionals in the sector who are committed to educational innovation.

This community aims to prepare students and educational institutions to meet the technological challenges of the digital future in Europe.

Participation in CRISS will increase the visibility of your school in Europe by endorsing the interest and commitment to the development of digital competence in all areas of your academic offer.

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Accelerate the development of digital competences in your school with CRISS

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