Students can obtain digital competence certification by downloading a series of certificates issued by the CRISS consortium according to their degree of participation in the project.

It is important to emphasize that these certificates are only available to students, since the teachers who successfully passed the MOOC course already had the opportunity to download the corresponding certificate.

The “Learning Analytics and ITS” panel shows in a list the Badges (completed subcompetences) and Master Badges (areas completed) obtained by the students in the CRISS pilot. This list is updated every two weeks and that is when the information of the students appears complete and certificates can be downloaded.

We ask for understanding and patience, because we must bear in mind that CRISS is not yet a market product, but an experience that we are building together. In any case, the platform will remain open for a time beyond June 30th so that all students can download their updated certificates.

The panel shows three buttons that give access to the progress report and digital competency certificates.

The “Progress Report” button offers a detailed report of all the subcompetences (SC) and the performance criteria (PC) that the student has completed to date. The report also summarizes the CRISS framework that shows the complete list of Areas, SC and PC. Please, note that this downloadable PDF is a mere list and therefore it is not a certificate.

Students can request the report in the language of their choice, at any time and as many times as they wish and will always be issued with their updated achievements.

The second button, “Certificate of Progress”, allows access to partial certificates when one or more subcompetences are completed successfully.

Finally, the “Certificate of Completion”, in the third button, can only be obtained and printed in case the student has completed all the areas of digital competence.

The teacher or the school must confirm that the student has correctly printed his certificate and that it includes the correct list of subcompetences and areas. To be valid, the certificates must be signed or stamped by the faculty or by the school.

From the CRISS consortium we encourage students to download their certificates of digital competence. Also, they will be a nice memory of your participation in the CRISSH2020 project!