Pedagogical trends and educational innovation 2019

Each year, education advances towards a future that will be marked by technological challenges. The digital competences of your students are the indispensable tools to face it. Fortunately, pedagogical trends are going at the speed of changes. We tell you what is the latest in educational innovation so that, as a teacher, you put it [...]

February 20th, 2019|edtech|

Education World Forum (EWF): The latest in educational innovation

The latest in educational innovation was presented and discussed at the end of January during the World Education Forum (EWF) held in London. There, education experts unveiled the most innovative trends in educational policies. Digitization, a pending issue for most countries, was one of the central issues. In this post we delve into what the [...]

February 6th, 2019|edtech, News|

New free online course: Digital competence for teachers

The European Commission has established that digital competence is one of the eight key competencies that any youngster must acquire before finalizing the mandatory education. Today the first edition of the CRISS MOOC course is launched. With this course, any teacher will learn to work digital competence in the classroom. Access to the MOOC course [...]

October 29th, 2018|Digital skills, edtech, News|

Plan innovative classes using new technologies

If you want to make your classes more fun and enjoyable, you would want to start planning classes using resources such as new technologies, which will provide you with a large number of new educational ideas. Innovative classes with new technologies There are many ways to innovate in your classroom by using technology; you can [...]

July 18th, 2018|edtech|

8 ways to help students to learn better

Beyond the basic learning that is given to children, it is necessary to know how to transmit knowledge in the best way so that they retain and apply it. In this article we give you a series of tips to ensure that your students' learning  is as effective as possible. 8 things you can do [...]

June 13th, 2018|edtech|

How can schools prevent cyberbullying in their classrooms?

Cyberbullying, or bullying carried out via online, is unfortunately a common situation in all kinds of schools, due to the proliferation of new technologies. The use of internet and mobile devices can become a very dangerous weapon of harassment and humiliation, if we do not educate our children correctly. In the fight against cyberbullying, the [...]

Generation Z: how they are and how they learn

If you are a teacher who deals with teenagers daily, it is important that you know how they are, what they like, and what differentiates this generation from yours. The most characteristic feature of what we know as Generation Z (which includes all those born between 1995 and 2010, and therefore it includes teenagers currently [...]

May 9th, 2018|edtech|

How can schools comply with the new data protection rules

One out of three Internet users has not reached the age of 18; some call them “digital natives”, because they were born after the invention of Internet, and the global communication it implies. Although they might outsmart us in the use of digital competences, they might not be as savvy when it comes to understand [...]

April 11th, 2018|edtech, News|