Easily integrate digital competence teaching in your classes

CRISS is incorporated into the normal life of your classes, making the development, evaluation and certification of students’ digital competence a simple and easy process.

ePortfolio for students and teachers

It is the place where all the activities carried out converge: work, evaluations, communications between students and teachers, collaborations, … In addition to providing a dynamic profile that compiles and shows the certificates and badges achieved by participants.

Students will have a permanent eportfolio that will allow them to show evidence of their learning throughout the educational experience. Teachers will be able to access it whenever they want to follow up with their students, being able to organize and share their contents and educational materials with other teachers.

Increase your students’ curiosity and motivation to learn

CRISS offers you a set of tools that promote creativity and collaboration between your students, making learning a fun process:

  • Create and upload your own multimedia content in multiple formats for the activities.
  • Test your digital skills through location-based games.
  • Communication and collaboration tools allow you a greater social interaction.
  • Integration with content from other platforms such as mind maps, timelines, etc.

Scenario planning and evaluation for the acquisition of digital competences

CRISS provides a set of tools that enable teachers to create and organize activities throughout the educational experience and evaluate in real time which ones are achieving the greatest success in certifying digital competence.

The platform facilitates the creation of activities to implement all levels of digital competence through the selection of existing scenarios. You will only have to customize the content as you wish to adapt it to your classes.

Administration panel

The school will have access to an administration panel from which to manage and control everything that is happening in the CRISS platform:

  • User registration and management.
  • Role assignment (teachers, students and subjects).
  • Management of permissions and group creation.
  • Control everything from the Administration Panel.

Accelerate the development of digital competences in your school with CRISS

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