Remote working can be a good way of working, and it is being used by lots of companies nowadays; that is why it is interesting to get our students used to this new work model that will grow over the years.

As of now, about 27% of companies have employees who perform at least half of the day away from the office, thanks to cloud services and mobile communications.

This figure is low, but it is much more than some years ago when this kind of work was unheard of, and it will continue to grow more over the years. There are still few professionals working through this modality.

How to get students used to  remote working

The best way for students to get used to teleworking is to practice it in their studies, to implement this habit from the classroom. In this post we will give you some interesting tips to make this simpler:

  • Even if students study or carry out activities at home, it is important to establish routines, schedules and good habits. It is better to prepare to perform tasks in a suitable environment and doing them properly dressed up, better than doing it in pyjamas although it sounds tempting.
  • They must have the necessary resources to make this possible, so they must be provided with them. There are many online services, as well as cloud providers, that can support this activity.
  • You should not give many more tasks than what can be done at a certain time by the mere fact that they will do it at home (and not in limited class time). It is not good to saturate students, what they should do outside the classroom should not last more than a certain time.
  • It can be interesting to do group activities to get them used to teamwork, and not just the solitude of doing an assignment at any time on the internet.
  • Establish standards for all applications, technologies and resources used for this purpose. For example, it is necessary to establish rules for the use of forums, chats, emails and other resources.
  • There may be certain tasks and activities that begin in class but are completed at home.
  • Mutual trust is key, as it is commitment.
  • You can set certain times when they can receive emails or communications, as well as those in which they could receive a response to their queries.

How would you make the students get used to remote work?