In this new school year, which promises to come packed with new features, you will have the opportunity to develop the digital skills of your students. One of the most important ones is the possibility for your educational centre or school to sign up to the CRISSH2020 project for certificating your students’ digital competences. Joining CRISS now will surely be an exciting adventure because it is a unique educational experience in Europe.

This project seeks to develop, assess and certify the digital competence of students, which will increase the prestige and competitiveness of all those involved in the process.

The main advantages for the centre are based above all on being able to put into practice the teaching of digital competence within the curriculum easily, forming part of the classes and improving their performance. The teaching time will be used more efficiently, and it will also grant the centre greater prestige and visibility.

Teachers will benefit from implementing CRISS in their centres by being able to teach digital competence with a tool that has an evaluation system easily integrated into the curriculum and the subjects. In addition, they will receive an official certificate of participation in the pilot.

Students benefit from being able to acquire digital competences that are certified with educational experiences based on collaboration and creativity. They will receive their certification if they reach the level that corresponds, and will be able to officially demonstrate their knowledge in this area, becoming more competitive in the labour market.

Digital competences are basic nowadays and will grow even more important in the future, so we all must adapt to these new times if we don’t want to be left behind. Therefore, if you join the CRISSH2020 pilot, you will offer the best educational experience in your centre, integrating essential skills on a day-to-day basis.

How to join CRISS pilot?

The steps to join the pilot of CRISSH2020 are very simple:

  • Download the memorandum of understanding on the CRISS website.
  • Fill it out and sign it (remember that this agreement does not commit you to anything!)
  • Send it by email to
  • You will receive the credentials in a few days, as the administrator of the centre.
  • Create the groups you want and register users of teachers and students.
  • Begin your experience.

Together we will revolutionize the teaching of digital skills, and we will contribute to the training of 21st-century professionals. What are you waiting to join?