The European Commission has established that digital competence is one of the eight key competencies that any youngster must acquire before finalizing the mandatory education.

Today the first edition of the CRISS MOOC course is launched. With this course, any teacher will learn to work digital competence in the classroom. Access to the MOOC course is free for all teachers in the European Union.

Among the contents of the course that they can perform at their own rhythm will discover.

  1. The methodological framework of digital competence that will govern throughout the European Union.
  2. What an ePortfolio is and how to use it to monitor students.
  3. How to develop, evaluate and certify the digital competence.

The MOOC lasts four weeks (20 hours of training) and consists of the following modules:

  1. Keys to digital competence of students.
  2. Creation and management of learning evidences through the ePortfolio.
  3. What are the learning scenarios.
  4. How to design learning scenarios with CRISS.

By completing the course you will be closer to being able to work digital competence in your educational centre.

The completion of the course does not require participation in the CRISS pilot.

By taking the course, teachers will be closer to being able to work digital competence in their educational centre.

We invite you to know it better on the website and to share with other teachers this training opportunity for the development of digital competence in the classroom.