Education4sight GmbH

EDUCATION4SIGHT was founded in February 2014. Its development center is based in Germany where more than 12 international talents are employed.

EDUCATION4SIGHT focuses on digital transformation in education and implements new technologies such as Big Data, Advanced Analytical Methods, Artificial Intelligence and Mobility.

EDUCATION4SIGHT has developed, EDLIGOTM, a comprehensive and integrated management solution that highlights clear and concrete perspectives and offers teachers, students and education managers with the technological tools needed to meet current and future educational challenges by giving them instant access to data and a detailed view that allows them to apply advanced analyzes and discover important trends for their strategies and decisions.

Our mission is to become a reliable partner for organizations and ministries of education in their transformation program and in the implementation of new technologies (Big Data, advanced analytics, mobility) in order to help them achieve their national objectives And improve their international competitiveness (PISA, TIMMS, PIRLS).

EDLIGOTM services are available to educational institutions from KG to Higher education, including parents, teachers, principals, stakeholders and ministries.

EDLIGOTM helps principals and school leaders to aign programs to goals and standards, to monitor learning progress with real-time insights and intuitive dashboards, to effectively manage staff, professional development and resources and to analyse feedback and communicate with stakeholders by developing algorithms to compare inputs provided by other modules.

EDLIGOTM provides education ministries and state level leaders with:  Foresight for leadership and strategic planning and a successful education digital transformation leveraging connected data and the latest big data analytics technologies.

EDUCATION4SIGHT currently wants to help all educational institutions to achieve their national objectives and improve their competitiveness internationally by Building intuitive and instantaneous interfaces & dashboards with the other modules at student and section levels allow them to navigate seamlessly through comprehensive key metrics that help them get insights, draw conclusions and take appropriate action.

The EDLIGOTM platform allows direct and instant communication with parents by providing easy access to attendance, behavior, homework and progress reports by Developing a notification system.

Main tasks
  • Design and architecture of the end to end solution

  • Technology development of the analytics, tutoring and certification modules

  • Collaborate in the design, development and implementation of interfaces

  • Definition and implementation of algorithms in the analytics, tutoring and certification.