EXUS Software LTD

EXUS was founded with the vision to transform the costly and complex enterprise software industry – making it simple, accessible and exciting.

EXUS Innovation is the applied research arm of EXUS Software Ltd, a global leader in the design, creation and marketing of enterprise software solutions and services. EXUS Innovation manages a portfolio of initiatives that aim to pave the way for the introduction and take up of emerging technologies. Leveraging the results of strategic research activities allows us to harness untapped niches in our market sectors of interest.

We are a multidisciplary team of engineers, data scientists and innovation management experts that excel in driving innovation in software engineering and data analytics, to foster advances in key sectors such as: security, health, finance and creativity.

EXUS Innovation brings together professionals of diverse research backgrounds, including algorithms, architecture, data management, machine learning, privacy and security, user interfaces, and visualization.

Our vision is to transform research to successful market products. Products enhanced with intelligent services built upon novel data analytics algorithms, mechanisms and tools that are reusable and scalable across multiple application domains. EXUS Innovation is a key partner that can actively contribute to the definition of new research and innovation opportunities harnessing the potential of Data.

Within CRISS, EXUS will manage project administration, financial coordination and planning, quality management, dissemination and system integration.

MAGELLAN (http://magellan-fti.eu/) is coordinated by EXUS and DIGINEXT SARL (DXT) also participates in the project. The MAGELLAN platform offers an end-to-end solution for the authoring, publishing, execution and experiencing of location-based experiences running on smart phones and other mobile devices. Its main features include:

  • Codeless, graphic authoring environment dedicated to non-programmers for the cost-effective creation, refinement and publishing of location-based experiences.
  • Visual authoring interface based on 3D GIS system to support large-scale indoor/outdoor environments
  • A scalable cloud-based infrastructure supporting collaborative authoring as well as the execution of the multitude of the published experiences involving numerous participants.
  • Execution of Mixed-Reality Location-based experiences on major mobile platforms (iOS/Android/windows).

CRISS aims to extend Magellan by supporting the special needs of educational experiences.

Main tasks
  • Project administration

  • Financial coordination and planning

  • Quality management

  • Dissemination and system integration