Comunidad Foral de Navarra – Gobierno de Navarra

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport for Spain (MECD) formulates and implements legislation, administers the budget, coordinates and supervises its decentralized services, and approves the state curricula at the Pre-school, Primary and Secondary stages.
They are responsible for the administration and supervision of other decentralized services in their area, as well as for the coordination of the local Education Counselors.

The Government of Navarra’s Education Department is responsible for the schools and teachers of the Autonomous Community of Navarre and their continuing education.

Within the Education Department they find many Services that respond to the needs of teachers, schools, students and families. The Educational Technologies and Digital Systems Service is directly involved in the CRISS project, the Section For Integration and Exploitation of Educational Technologies being the one taking the main role.

From its Section Comunidad Foral de Navarra:

  • promote and enhance the use of educational technologies in the educational system and integration in the curricular areas and subjects, through faculty training and information,
  • coordinate with Educational Technology Advisers at Teacher Support Centers,
  • manage and coordinate distance learning courses in, and using, educational technologies, in collaboration with the Training Section of the Government of Navarra’s Education Department.
  • promote, manage and coordinate the creation and selection of educational material on the Internet to be used by students in schools,
  • track educational innovation projects linked to the school’s technological maturity level and teachers’ digital competence,
  • collaborate with other Departments, other autonomous communities and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport in New Technologies and Education Issues,
  • plan and train within the scope of our powers,
  • develop educational programming actions that enable the development of curricular content,
  • study and test the items that make up the possible provision of classroom equipment,
  • analyse the learning metrics items and propose improvements in the integration of educational technologies in collaboration with the School Information Management Department.

In addition they collaborate very closely with the Teacher Support Centers and Innovation Projects Department.

The Government of Navarra’s Education Department provides Pre-school, Primary and  Secondary Education, Baccalaureate and Vocational Training for more than 100.000 students.

Gobierno de Navarra
Main tasks
  • Students digital competence

  • Teachers digital competence

  • School Technological maturity model

  • Digital Competence Framework for Citizens