Documenta Creaciones Multimedia Avanzadas S.L is an innovative Spanish SME focused on ICT and Education Culture. It develops ICT solutions that can help citizens, organizations and enterprises to be more competitive using their creativity, social and cultural background. The ICT and training solutions are directed to business, educational, artistic and cultural sectors.

Documenta S.L. is specialized in the development of a Life Long Learning eportfolio ecosystem, multimedia web based platform, online interactivity and digital tools for collaborative creation. We also have an additional important expertise in organization of exhibitions, workshops for companies, teachers, students and artists.

We dedicate an important part of our effort to R&D, using a bottom-up approach, involving users at all levels. In our headquarters in Barcelona we frequently organize seminars with end-users to create a dialogical process for the analysis of user requirements and product improvements.

DOCUMENTA is a founder member and member of the management board of EDUTECH Cluster, a Catalan Association of Enterprises for the promotion of e-learning and ICT in education in Catalonia. Between many other things, the Edutech Cluster is the organizer of ITworldEdu, one of the major educational events in Spain.

Currently Documenta SL, apart from being one of the main partners of the CRISS project, is also a partner in the  IMAILE project (Innovative Methods for Awards Procedures of ICT Learning in Europe), the first Pre-Commercial Procurement project in Europe in the field of Education and Technology Enhanced Learning.

Our main products are the Eportfolio Ecosystem and Portabily Authoring Tool, two of the pillars of the new CRISS Ecosystem.


MyDocumenta eportfolio system is used by more than 150.000 teachers and students from Primary Schools to Universities, in EU and Latin-America. It provides three types of eportfolios:

Student eportfolio: a lifelong learning eportfolio that allows students to recollect and show the evidences of their learning through their entire educational life. Students can bring their eportfolio with them when they leave the school.

Teacher e-portfolio. The place where teachers access and follow their students’ work and progresses, organize and share their contents and educational materials.

School e-portfolio. It enables educational organizations to monitor, evaluate and correct the process of introducing technologies through monitoring and evaluation of the activity of teachers and students, and it offers a great window over the best contents and results achieved by the whole educational community.

Main tasks
  • Technological Manager

  • Innovation Manager

  • Design, conception and development of the technological CRISS solution

  • Coordinate the core ICT solutions.