If you want to make your classes more fun and enjoyable, you would want to start planning classes using resources such as new technologies, which will provide you with a large number of new educational ideas.

Innovative classes with new technologies

There are many ways to innovate in your classroom by using technology; you can use the ones that suit you the most and those that may help you in your goals.

  • The presentations are a classic to make some classes more entertaining allowing the students to interact and rely on a more graphic material. 
  • Show the teacher’s screen on the student’s tablet to share certain resources more easily. 
  • Learning by projects, in which the student is the protagonist of their learning, enhancing their attitudes and abilities better. A project is assigned to students, and students must organize themselves to do it. 
  • Gamification. There are many ways to make children learn thanks to the possibilities to learn playing that new technologies give. 
  • Open a class blog. More and more teachers are encouraging their students to make a blog for the class, being all of them responsible for the content introduced. 
  • Storytelling: a technique that is based on telling and listening to stories encouraging students to use their imagination, creativity and expression. 
  • The flipped classroom, during which certain learning processes are carried out outside the classroom. The students learn the lessons outside of class, but they use the classroom to discuss ideas and clear doubts by resorting to new technologies. 
  • Immersive experiences taking into account virtual reality to create new ways of learning accessing a large number of possible scenarios and experiences in which the student is the protagonist.

Teaching and learning with new technologies can be very motivating

New technologies facilitate education and make it more fun, allowing both students and teachers to live the training in a different and more enriching way, without neglecting old resources that are still interesting and necessary today.

But above all, you should keep a positive attitude, have fun and make others have a good time because this is the only way that the teaching experience will be more rewarding and learning will become more enjoyable and lasting.