Virtual reality (VR) has entered the world of education through the big door creating new resources to teach and learn.

Students absorb information much better if they enter a 3D environment that makes everything more fun, exciting and enjoyable.

Virtual reality allows you to explore, travel without leaving the classroom, visit what you want to learn without moving, have a greater professional orientation and much more.

Main uses of VR in Education

One of the most interesting uses of virtual reality in the educational environment is in telerobotics, which involves managing robots from a distance. In class, children can learn to program a robot to perform certain tasks and use virtual reality to experience the actions of this robot in first person.

Students can witness what happened in history in the first person, go deep into the human body and experience new learning experiences from a different point of view. They will see everything much better than through explanations and images.

With virtual reality, students will be able to travel in time and space. They can go anywhere we want them to see, return to the past or unveil the mysteries of the future. Without limits, without big expenses.

Making trips to developing countries through immersive education brings students closer to other communities, fostering their values, kindness and empathy with others.

Students can also use virtual reality to learn about the careers that may be of their interest, to have a better professional orientation that allows them to better decide their future.

Being able to visualize what they are learning from a different point of view, in a three dimensions view, allows them to better enjoy their learning time. It’s fun!

In order for all this to be possible, many educational applications have been created that can immerse us in new worlds inside our classroom. The best of all is that there is so much to discover and to create that we will soon learn new applications of virtual reality in education, and they will be very exciting.

Are you in favour of introducing these new technologies in the classroom?